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Strong Foundations, Feb. 12, 2020: 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

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Feb. 12, 2020 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM Strong Foundations $0.00 $0.00
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Fitter Futures Liability Waiver (3060)
This waiver form must be signed in order to participate in the Fitter Futures Program

IN CONSIDERATION of Futures Kids & Teens Pty Ltd (“Fitter Futures”) allowing me and/or my child to participate in programs, activities and services of Fitter Futures and to use its facilities and equipment, I agree to the terms of this waiver and release.

Participation at own risk: I acknowledge and understand that I have voluntarily chosen to participate at my own risk. I understand and acknowledge that the program delivered by Fitter Futures is a high intensity fitness, strength and conditioning activity involving gymnastics, climbing, weight bearing activities, weight lifting and aerobic activities which are all potentially hazardous activities, and consequently participation carries with it the inherent risk of physical injury.

Acknowledgment of risk: I acknowledge that Fitter Futures regards safety of participants as a high priority, and takes all reasonable actions to reduce risk and maximise safe practice. I accept that despite all reasonable precautions implemented for safety, there are risks involved in participating in Fitter Futures activities and the possibility of injury or undesirable physiological effects including (for example) muscle soreness, strains and tears; ligament damage; broken bones, fainting, dizziness, abnormal blood pressure, heart attack and other serious injuries (including death).

Indemnity and Release: For myself, spouse, child and dependents I knowingly assume all such risks and I agree to indemnify and release Fitter Futures; its directors, officers, coaches, employees, contractors, volunteers, other participants, or others acting on Fitter Futures’ behalf, and if applicable owners and lessors of premises used to conduct Fitter Futures programs, from liability including acts of negligence, to the fullest extent permitted by law, for any injury or other losses incurred by him/her.

Adult participation declaration: I declare myself to be physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, infirmity, or other illness that would prevent my participation or use of equipment except as stated or notified in writing to coaches. I acknowledge that I have either had a physical examination and been given my physician’s permission to participate, or that I have decided to participate, in the Fitter Futures activities and program without the approval of my physician and assume all responsibility for my participation. I acknowledge that I am not obligated to perform nor participate in any activity that I do not wish to do, and that it is my right to refuse such participation at any time during my training sessions. I understand that should I feel lightheaded, faint, dizzy, nauseated, or experience pain or discomfort, I am to stop the activity and inform my trainer.

Minor participation declaration: I represent that my child is in good health and in proper physical condition to participate. Should these circumstances change, or if I ever believe that the activities are not safe or suitable for my child, then it will be my responsibility to discontinue my child’s participation and will notify the Fitter Futures coach immediately. I acknowledge that I have disclosed to Fitter Futures any special needs (including but not limited to any medical, physical or psychological conditions and specific learning needs) which my child may have.

Medical treatment: I authorise Fitter Futures and its representatives to administer first aid to me and/or my child, and/or seek emergency medical services for me/my child should I/they become injured or ill. I am responsible for all costs arising from any such medical treatment.

Use of image: Unless I have expressly withheld my consent in writing (such as upon registration with Fitter Futures), then I give permission for Fitter Futures to use pictures, film and/or likeness of me and/or my child for advertising (including social media) purposes. I acknowledge that this permission does not extend to the inclusion of my child's name without my prior separate approval.

Personal Information: I consent to Fitter Futures collecting personal information from me (including about my child if applicable), so that I or my next of kin can be contacted where required including in an emergency. I consent to giving and receiving information electronically.

Work Experience Students: I acknowledge that Fitter Futures is a practicum site for university students enrolled in relevant university studies, and that from time to time, university students may participate in the Fitter Futures Program in a supervised coaching role to gain work experience. I give consent for my child to participate in training sessions where such university students are in attendance.

Behaviour Policy: I accept the Behaviour Policy as follows:

Fitter Futures values developing self-confidence of athletes and aims to create a fun and inclusive environment where athletes can improve their fitness and develop new skills. To ensure this goal can be met, Fitter Futures does not tolerate any forms of bullying, harassment, inappropriate language or rough/unsafe play in its classes. Participants failing to comply with these basic rules will risk being removed from the class immediately, with the possibility of not being welcomed back.

Binding Agreement: This agreement is binding upon me, my successors, personal representatives, heirs, executors, assigns, or transferees. If any portion of this agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, I agree that the invalid or unenforceable part may be severed if a court of competent jurisdiction so orders and the remainder of the agreement shall remain in full legal force and effect.

Insurances: Please be aware that Fitter Futures has Public and Products Liability insurance. However Fitter Futures encourages all participants to take out Private Health and Income Protection Insurance according to their own individual needs and circumstances. It is an individual’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance cover for his/her needs.

I have read and fully understand and accept the above statements as set out in this waiver and release. I am aware that I am giving up certain legal rights (including the right to sue). I sign it voluntarily, without any inducement.

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